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Product overview

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The servers in the QUANTON® family, for example, offer the highest density of computing and storage performance with the best price/performance ratio, thus exceeding anything that has been available before while taking up very little space.

Computing systems for artificial intelligence with more than 330 billion transistors - that is about one 250th of all synapses in the human brain - allow a peak performance of 2 trillion (2x 1015) computations per second.

As a manufacturer of enterprise storage systems - the backbone of the entire industry - the company is one of about a dozen manufacturers worldwide that are capable of manufacturing and marketing these systems. The PlatinStor® systems that make up these systems are 5 to 10 times superior to conventional data storage systems, with virtually unlimited scalability.

More than 2,000 end customers already trust in the outstanding quality of the server and storage systems "Made in Austria" and more are being added every day. Among the well-known customers and partners of NOVARION are renowned companies as well as public institutions.

Novarion's PlatinStor
Novarion's PlatinStor


Enterprise storage systems are the backbone of the entire industry. Data security, scalability and power density are only three of the highly complex requirements for these systems. Only about a dozen manufacturers worldwide are capable of manufacturing and marketing such enterprise storage systems. NOVARION is one of them, as the well-known customer list of PlatinStor Enterprise Storage Systems makes visible. PlatinStor Enterprise Storage systems are 5 to 10 times superior to conventional data storage systems and make it possible through almost unlimited scalability to manage enormous amounts of data quickly and easily, without unnecessary space consumption. Translated with


The new storage product line TACYON® 3 for the first time also allows small and medium-sized enterprises to use the new NAND flash technology economically. Larger companies benefit from the fast and secure TACYON® Operating System, which eliminates the negative effects of the usual compression and deduplication. This sensational leap in performance is made possible by the use of so-called 3D Flash components, which currently provide a multiple of 2-dimensional structures in up to 200 layers layered on top of each other.

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