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Georg Gesek


Quantum Science & Systems GmbH is a foundation by Georg Gesek dedicated for the vision to exceed some of the most important challenges of humanity within the 21st century by quantum technology.


Our cooperation partners reside within universities and scientific organizations around the world.

Additionally the Quantum Science & Systems GmbH is the focal point of the industrial initiative called Quanta Joint Venture, where companies and enterprises find together with their efforts to develop the quantum technology applications for the 21st century.

Quanta Joint Venture
Quanta Joint Venture

In the area of quantum technology for computational devices, we are developing architectures for the integration of quantum circuits on a chip, as shown in this artist rendering of a spin entangled qubit:

Quantum Circuit
Quantum Circuit

The final goal is the consequent merge of quantum technology with the human brain on an algorithmic level.

Digital Brain

Work for the future

Novarion implements new technologies with first time to market such as:

  • Non Volatile Memory like 3DXpoint, NVDIMM
  • Quantum Technology like Quantum Encryption & Quantum Processors
  • New production techniques like 7LP (see below) and Silicon Photonics

Focal point in Industry 4.0
7LP Platform – Georg Gesek

Thus we recommend to get in contact with us, in order to let your computers achieve their great goal ...

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