Hybrid Quantum Computing

As part of one of the most advanced Quantum IT technology groups, we are excited and proud to develop this technology and enable our customers to use Hybrid Quantum Computing today to achieve their ambitious goals.

Continue to inform yourself about the Hybrid Cloud, Quantum Security and other related services which Novarion and its group of companies can offer to you now!

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Hybrid Cloud Computing

The Novarion Hybrid Quantum Computing technology is available as the worldwide first cloud computing service.
It serves in a private, European hosted cloud. It is fully GDPR compliant and the data is only accessible by the customer. All data is private and IP stays fully safeguarded with you. The service is made available by Novarions daughter company QMware.

Start Hybrid Quantum Computing in the QMware Cloud now!

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Quantum Security

Quantum computers are here today. Even if quantum computers are not yet capable of decrypting the present security protocols today, we know this will change in the future. It might be earlier than some expect. Thus we have to secure our communication and make it “Post Quantum Secure”. Novarion and its mother company Terra Quantum are serving the market with Post Quantum Secure software and hardware solutions.

Secure your communication now!

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Quantum Keynotes

Novarions founder and CEO, Georg Gesek, who is known in the industry as “Quantum George” is a popular keynote speaker. Explaining Quantum-Informatics to business people or going into details of the Quantum Information Theory, he can eloquently explain the topic to any kind of audience.

Get in touch to book Georg for a keynote presentation!

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Quantum Education

Having substantial know-how Novarion is at the edge of

Knowing that the field of informatics will be overwhelmed by the amount of human resources required in the near future,
we offer specialized education for Quantum-Informatics.


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