The Story behind Novarion


The quantum physicist and computer scientist Georg Gesek founded Novarion Systems in 2004 with the intention of developing high-performance computer systems.
To generate the first cash flows, he sold the first systems he developed together with Austrian universities to other university institutes. By the following year, Gesek’s global network with computer parts manufacturers (ODMs), which he had built up during the 1990s through his work for Ingram Micro, the world’s largest distributor of computer components, enabled him to develop a built-to-order system for data center server and storage systems.

From then on, this manufacturing program enabled Novarion to develop, customize and produce highly flexible, application-optimized computer systems for the industry.
Between 2013 and 2018, Novarion expanded its business to all data center operators with its new industrial brands QUANTON® for server systems, TACYON® for midrange, and PLATINSTOR® for high-end storage systems.

The Secret to Success


By building up an efficient in-house sales team, it was possible to create a database of currently 30,000 potential customers in the DACH region. With a sales team of five, as well as more than 50 system houses as trading partners, the constant exchange with interested parties and customers is guaranteed via the CRM system developed in-house.

Due to the high demands on performance and competitiveness as well as regulatory requirements (e.g. DSGVO), companies above a certain size and complexity also use their own computer infrastructures despite the large cloud service offering.
This is exactly where Novarion became successively more attractive to data center operators with its highly customized, industrial-grade, hardware- and software-integrated computing solutions, until the company finally conquered its three customer segments: industrial, government and scientific organizations.

A multinational Company


For more than 15 years, Novarion has been known in the market for building highly specialized IT infrastructures and during this time has built an exceptionally respected name in the field of server and storage systems.
The company, which has its headquarters in Vienna and additional offices in Munich and California, develops and produces customized high-tech computer systems for scientific data centers, industry (with a focus on Industry 4.0), government organizations, research institutions, and financial service providers and corporations.

Novarion Systems is one of the technologically leading computer manufacturers.
We are able to provide life-cycle managed and state of the art integrated systems to our thousands of customers in various sectors of industry, as well as scientific and government organizations.



Founded in September 2020, QMware is a joint venture between Novarion Systems GmbH and Terra Quantum AG. Behind these two firms stand Georg Gesek, CEO of Novarion, and Markus Pflitsch, the founder of Terra Quantum.

Its main focus is facing the challenges of the 21st century by combining quantum computing and data security. By creating unique systems and working closely with its customers, QMware guarantees high quality solutions to elevate your portfolio.

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Our Vision

Novarion is dedicated to creating computers that serve a better future for humanity. This starts with the development of low power machines and ends with artificial intelligent systems.

Unique selling propositions (USPs)

# 1 Sustainable Business Strategy

NOVARION's products have the longest product lifecycle in the industry, lasting up to 8 years.

# 2 World's most comprehensive build-to-order system

NOVARION is able to deliver its server and storage solutions to the site ready installed within a few business days.

# 3 Best price/ performance ratio on the market

NOVARION offers the best price/performance ratio with over 10 Giga-FLOPS (floating point operations per second) per Euro. The market norm is around 1-5 Giga-FLOPS per Euro. The same is true for data storage, with 1TB of NVMe superfast flash storage currently costing NOVARION only 20% of the usual prices for end customers.

# 4 Industry-leading technologies

NOVARION's QUANTON® Pulsar provides the highest density compute performance with the lowest power consumption. PlatinStor® systems outperform conventional data storage systems by 5 to 10 times in performance (IOPS).