Today’s global supply chains are no less interactive than the financial world, but physics and its inflexible rules come into play. IoT networks deliver massive amounts of data, and classic computer architectures are overwhelmed by unpredictable IO-driven tasks and user behaviors. In addition, safety for people and assets is paramount, and time delays caused by slow computers can’t be tolerated.
These are major obstacles to the obvious advancement through new technologies such as autonomous vehicles or drones and automated routing that would benefit the entire vertical, not to mention the positive impact on the environment.

The sheer transactional power of Novarion’s hybrid quantum computer, which is also available in cloud and edge variants, brings you and your business into a new era of possibilities in logistics. Autonomous vehicles or real-time traffic control and optimization will change the way we commute and live.  Solve optimization problems (traveling salesman problem) using our quantum encode algorithms or computer vision based on quantum machine learning, today.