Systems Overview

Novarion offers a wide variety of products ranging from servers for small businesses to huge appliances for artificial intelligence and hybrid quantum computing. Click the button below to find out more about our symstems

Built-to Order Server Systems

With over 1500 base systems waiting to be customized, Novarion offers a huge variety of server systems, serving small business needs to high performance computing in areas such as artificial intelligence or quantum computing.
  • Highperformance Computing
  • Scaleable
  • Customizable
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Storage Systems

Regardless whether performance, high availability or both together. We specialize on your specific needs and create an optimal configuration with no compromises. Browse through our different products to find out more.
  • Block Based Systems
  • File Based Systems
  • Hyperscalable
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Our appliances ensures an optimal security and performance relation based on your specification. With an built-in intelligence, we guarentee maximum data efficiency and the best working experience. Ready for plug and play!
  • Data Security
  • Deduplication
  • Business Innovation
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