What is Hybrid Quantum Computing?

To understand and use quantum devices’ power, one can either operate these devices or simulate their operation. We provide state-of-the-art quantum simulator that can simulate not only the best current low-noise quantum devices, but also the future quantum devices.
The simulation is achieved by cost-efficient hardware that runs 40-qubit quantum circuits.

The range of quantum simulator’s applications is vast:

Our quantum simulator opens a door into the quantum computing world. With our new quantum simulator, all the advances of quantum theory can now be tested and utilized. The simulator provides a convenient way to observe the quantum speedup and understand quantum hardware for practical problems of interest.

Our quantum simulator is problem-solving hardware for clients needs. By working together with our clients, we develop new quantum algorithms based on clients tasks and running it on the quantum simulator. Solving complex tasks with our algorithms on the simulator provides confidence that with the rapid improvement of the hybrid quantum-classical hardware components, even more complex problems will be solved.

The software stack of QMware offers both, a native hybrid quantum machine and the possibility for 3rd parties to plug in hardware or applications based on another software environments.

Our inbuilt quantum simulator is an essential tool for quantum software developers. Both industrial software developers and academic researchers can test their hypothesis, ideas, and algorithms directly using our cloud quantum simulator. Running complex quantum algorithms on the simulator bridges the gap between quantum theory and practical use. We also provide interface and software support for running code on the quantum simulator. Our quantum simulator is a perfect tool for cutting-edge technological development workflow.

Our quantum simulator can be used as a benchmark for current and future quantum devices. Precise simulation implemented on a quantum simulator provide an exact expectation from a perfect quantum device. Hence, the quantum simulator is a convenient cloud-based tool that can estimate the effectiveness of current, e.g., superconducting-based or ion-based, qubit registers.