Vienna – February 1st, 2024  – Novarion Systems, a global leader in server and data storage solutions, announces today a strategic partnership with SUSE, the company behind SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE), Rancher and NeuVector. This collaboration signifies a powerful alliance to deliver high-performance computing solutions enabling innovation in AI and quantum computing.

Building on the recent milestone distribution agreement with Prianto, this partnership will provide customers with a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that combines cutting-edge hardware with robust, modern enterprise-grade software. Novarion’s certified Built2Order systems program, will be complemented by SUSE’s embedded program, empowering enterprises with factory-certified, pre-installed, function-tested, and performance-optimized server and storage systems. SUSE Edge will become the reference architecture for Novarion Edge Computing solutions.


Additionally, this partnership will:

  • Enable customers to achieve low latency to process data closer to the data source, reducing latency for real-time applications, ease of scaling and deploying, reliability, security and European certifications
  • Create a new hardware integration platform empowered with the NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip for AI and Hybrid Quantum Computing.

George Gesek, CEO of Novarion Systems, underscores the strategic importance of the collaboration, stating, “This partnership with SUSE is pivotal for us. By delivering our Heterogeneous Processing Architecture for AI and Hybrid Quantum Computing solutions, we not only enhance the IT value chain with increased efficiency and cutting-edge technology but also emphasize our commitment to European security standards. The synergy between Novarion’s European focus and SUSE’s global reach and expertise ensures a robust and secure IT infrastructure for our customers.”

“Partnering with Novarion Systems signifies a collective commitment to innovation and security in the quantum computing space,” says Werner Knoblich, chief revenue officer at SUSE. “The integration of SUSE’s embedded program with Novarion’s advanced solutions offers businesses unprecedented flexibility and value in the realm of quantum computing. This collaboration aligns seamlessly with our dedication to providing innovative, open-source solutions tailored for diverse applications.”


About Novarion Systems

Novarion Systems has been a pioneer in designing, developing, and manufacturing high-performance computer systems since 2004. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, Novarion integrates cutting-edge technologies to create powerful, cost- and energy-efficient computing and data storage solutions. Headquartered in Vienna, Novarion has branches across Europe and the USA. ´


About Prianto

Prianto is a renowned software distribution and marketing specialist, offering value-added distribution services for a wide range of software products. Through its SystemBuilder Program, Prianto facilitates partnerships and collaborations to deliver comprehensive end-to-end solutions. ´


For further information, visit Novarion Systems on LinkedIn and SUSE.


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