Novarion, QMware & Terra Quantum collaborated to bring the first hybrid quantum cloud online on January 14.

Technology is developing ever faster, and efficient, fast and secure data processing is becoming increasingly important. Thus, the introduction of the first market-ready quantum computers is already being worked on with vigor and the establishment of such systems is imminent in the near future. To take this development into account, Novarion, in cooperation with QMware, has put the first hybrid quantum cloud online. So that our customers are already prepared for the future.

With Novarion’s powerful hybrid quantum computers , the quantum simulator developed by QMware, and Terra Quantum’s expertise in algorithms, it is already possible to develop quantum computing software and test its effectiveness and efficiency In addition, the implemented computational logic allows your developed quantum computing software also to run on future native quantum computers and giving so innovative customers a significant head start.

The management interface Qognite provides easy access to the various functions of basiq and enables users to monitor the utilization of their HQCs with a good overview.

By integrating containers, it is also possible to easily and straightforwardly, via Qognite, allocate the resources of the HQCs to the different projects supported by basiq and to comfortably manage its users and their accesses.

For reasons of security and runtime stability, the management interface Qognite is set up on its own environment and can be accessed via the QMware cloud portal. Optionally, it is also possible to run Qognite in-house via hardware provided by Novarion.

Basiq is the SDK developed by QMware, that turns any classical computer into a quantum computer already today. It allows to translate and process quantum algorithms by means of logical building blocks (gates) in a way that is understandable for the computer. The input of these algorithms is easily done using a Jupyter notebook, which is well known to developers, and can be done using python or C++. Furthermore, basiq is not limited to quantum algorithms, but can be extended and combined with classical algorithms to achieve optimal performance for your needs.

In addition, developers are supported with our quantum algorithm library, which allows to easily apply already commonly known quantum algorithms, such as Grover or Shor.