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CR’s Central Bank Payment Conference

25. February 2022

The Inaugural Global Conference For Central Banks and Payment Innovators to Discuss Digital Currency Technology and Design
Join us in person for the  Digital Currency Technology and Design event on February 25, 2022 in Washington D.C.!

CR’s Central Bank Payment Conference (CBPC) has been discussing CBDC and Digital Currency policy issues since its inauguration 5 years ago. The newly established Digital Currency Conference (DCC) will focus on technology and design aspects rather than policy and functionality issues. There is of course a close dependency between the two – the policymakers determine legal and compliance requirements and the technology & innovation experts develop the solutions.

The DCC will connect the policy discussion from CBPC with technology aspects by hosting and curating the ongoing debate.  The conference will provide exclusive platforms for specialists, experts, and stakeholders to meet and shape the future of Digital Currencies. The inaugural Digital Currency Conference will be launched in conjunction with the Banknote & Currency Conference, with an expected attendance of 700 delegates from more than 120 nations.

Innovation is the new constant in the payments landscape, relying on continual change as a winning strategy. Here is your chance to be instrumental in shaping the conversation and taking part in those advances. The aim is to assist in facilitating discussions and debate in order for the industry to keep up with the avalanche of new developments and initiatives.
Find out more : https://events.currencyresearch.com/event/b80b10ab-8e38-428a-a3d1-0ee9d0b60e6d/summary