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Seventh EAGE High Performance Computing Workshop

25. September 2023 - 27. September 2023

25 – 27 September 2023
Lugano, Switzerland


Workshop Overview

High-Performance-Computing plays a leading role in our current energy business and will be of critical importance for a successful energy transition. Looking across multiple industries, our business undoubtedly exploits the largest High-Performance-Computing capacity. HPC helps in seeking higher productivity, lowering costs and reducing risk by making better use of huge amounts of data through high-performance simulation and data analytics. Algorithms performing as fast as possible on the best available hardware have a direct impact on many of the decisions shaping our business.

Simulation and modeling are our principal mechanisms for the accurate location of hydrocarbons, their optimal production and soon their decarbonization. The reliance on data for making better business decisions at a lower cost is becoming critical. Seismic data are explored using traditional imaging algorithms such as Reverse Time Migration (RTM), Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) and Electromagnetic Modeling (EM) to illuminate the hidden subsurface of the earth and reservoir simulation is used to optimally produce fields and predict the time evolution of assets. Both are highly compute-intensive activities, which push the leading edge of HPC storage, interconnect and calculation. The industry is evolving on several fronts. Changes in the underlying hardware with the advent of co-processing or accelerator technologies and many-core CPUs are challenging practitioners to develop new algorithms and port old ones to reap the most performance from modern hardware. Implementation and application of software engineering best practices and devops becomes key to support production while keeping pace with a fast-changing environment. The explosion of data and the recent rapid development in machine learning (ML) are leading to non-traditional ways of interpreting seismic and reservoir data. The emergence of significantly faster reservoir simulation technology is breathing new life into multi-resolution and uncertainty quantification workflows.

The ability to create and mine these data relies on the optimal utilization of supercomputers. This is the result of various synergies between industries, companies, departments and, most importantly, people. HPC IT departments (or even HPC cloud solution providers) are focused on minimizing turnaround times for various workloads, but also deploy the various compute architectures in a cost competitive fashion while adapting to the fast-paced innovation in the semiconductor industry. Research groups and software application teams in both academia and industry develop new algorithms and keep abreast with the latest while adapting and optimizing existing or new production frameworks to the latest parallel programming models, languages and architectures. The workshop brings together experts in order to understand state-of-the-art key applications employed in the upstream industry and anticipate what ambitions are enabled by increased computational power.

The 3-day workshop will feature both oral presentations and quick lightning talks, panel sessions and keynotes from the leading experts in the industry, as well as plenty of discussion sessions embedded into the program.




25. September 2023
27. September 2023


Lugano, Switzerland
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