We are pleased to announce that Tech Talk: Opportunities and Risks of Quantum Technologies is now available online! Check it out now!

In Tech Talk „Opportunities and risks of quantum technologies “ the authors highlight the potential of high technology from various angles and critically analyze the degree of maturity, market potential and practical application. In the QC Talk, moderated by Florian Neukart, Chief Product Officer of Terra Quantum and co-editor of the book, the authors will review the debated topics from a scientific and business perspective.

Tech Talk moderator Florian Neukart, CPO Terra Quantum, has built a reputation as a high-tech leader and practitioner, as well as a consultant on innovation and future technologies. As a member of the Executive Board at Terra Quantum AG, he is responsible for product development, is on the Advisory Board of the International Foundation of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing, Special Advisor to the Quantum Strategy Institute, on the Advisory Board of KI-Park, KI-Parksco-author of Germany’s National Roadmap for Quantum Computing, on the Advisory Board of Quantum.Tech, and was a member of the Future Council on Quantum Computing of the World Economic Forum. Prior to joining Terra Quantum AG in 2021, he worked for the Volkswagen Group for eleven years in various positions and assumed responsibility as Director for the Software Innovation Center in Munich, Wolfsburg, Berlin and San Francisco.
He has written books on artificial intelligence and energy, edited a book on quantum computing, and published more than 90 articles on quantum computing and various other topics ranging from materials science to self-driving vehicles.

Other Tech Talk speakers include:

– Alissa Wilms, Co-Autorin und -Herausgeberin „Chancen und Risiken von Quantentechnologien“
– Tommaso Calarco, Jülich Research Center
– Claudia Pohlink, Deutsche Bahn
Georg Gesek, QMware


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