Vienna (pts005/23.06.2020/08:00) – High Performance Computing redefined: NOVARION Systems & AMD focus on strategic cooperation in virtualisation & HPC.

For Georg Gesek, CEO of NOVARION Systems, the cooperation with AMD is of particular strategic interest. For the first time, NOVARION will offer appliances with AMD’s 7nm EPYC processors, which have a record number of 128 physical or 256 virtual x86 processor cores per system. This technology is not only interesting for high-performance computing, but is also significant for companies with virtualisation environments and thus opens the door to a large field of applications.

“For our customers in industry and research alike, this means the best price-performance ratio on the market”, Georg Gesek, founder & CEO of NOVARION, is convinced and continues: “We are continuously certifying existing software on the new EPYC-7nm platform and supporting our partners with the tests in our Open Lab at Wienerberg. Everyone is welcome to test their application on our revolutionary Quanton® EPYC platform and experience the huge performance gain!”

“We are very pleased about the close cooperation with NOVARION Systems, within the framework of which we will now actively accompany the market launch of the AMD-based NOVARION systems. These systems are known for the outstanding scalability of their computing cores, tremendous memory bandwidth, TCO savings and record-breaking performance,” said Roger Benson, senior director of sales at AMD, adding, “As an AMD Elite Partner, NOVARION Systems is known for designing, manufacturing and distributing high-performance computers. We look forward to a very good working relationship with NOVARION Systems.”

As an OEM partner of AMD, NOVARION has exclusive access to the 7H12 high-performance processors with 64 cores & 2.8GHz base clock, which are not commercially available. NOVARION uses these in high-performance clusters in the field of (quantum) simulation & modelling, as well as for Big Data & artificial intelligence.

NOVARION systems
NOVARION develops and produces high-tech computer systems for companies and research institutions. NOVARION bridges the gap between science and technology in a unique way, resulting in unrivalled high-performance and cost-efficient data centre solutions, including quantum cryptography. NOVARION is headquartered in Vienna and operates several offices in Europe and the USA.

For more than 50 years, AMD has driven innovation in high-performance computing, graphics and visualisation, providing the foundation for gaming, immersive platforms and data centres. Hundreds of millions of consumers, leading Fortune 500 companies and cutting-edge scientific research institutions around the world rely on AMD technology every day to improve their everyday lives, work and gaming experiences. AMD employees around the world are focused on creating great products that push the boundaries of what’s possible.