Vienna (pts010/12.12.2011/11:00) – With its server product portfolio, Novarion IT Service GmbH is now increasingly relying on server software from Microsoft. As a new Microsoft OEM partner, Novarion offers its customers the best service with the most diverse Built2Order programme for server and storage systems worldwide. Through the cooperation with Microsoft, customers now receive even better application-optimised hardware solutions.

In a dynamic market environment, IT can become the driving force for corporate success. For this, it needs solutions that can be actively adapted to growing requirements, accelerate innovations and create room for manoeuvre. To avoid bottlenecks in the future IT infrastructure, more and more companies are relying on fast server and storage systems as well as on the combination of state-of-the-art hardware with established software. Likewise, universities and other research institutions trust Novarion’s high-quality products. It is precisely here that Novarion’s many years of technical know-how are combined with the proven quality of Microsoft software. Durable and reliable products based on the latest technological developments and solutions designed specifically for the customer and produced according to customer requirements fit together perfectly.

“We are pleased to welcome Novarion as another server manufacturer as a partner. Novarion’s customised solutions for the server and storage sector fit very well with our strategy, which puts the customer at the centre of our efforts,” explains Nicolas Sorger, Head of OEM at Microsoft Austria.

Customised server and storage solutions

Novarion works closely with component manufacturers in California’s Silicon Valley and has established itself with high-quality products in the server and storage sector. The company, headquartered in Vienna, knows how to meet the special needs of demanding users through customer-oriented developments. Extremely powerful and reliable server and storage systems are the result of this approach. With its own logistics, the excellent service level is guaranteed throughout Europe. Meanwhile, the company also conducts basic research for future technological applications. The spectrum offered ranges from small and efficient storage solutions to very complex server systems planned for use in large companies. With a sustainable and environmentally friendly business strategy, Novarion integrates customers as partners in the worldwide logistical and production process. This enables customers to influence product development and implement special administrative or scientific solutions for their company together with Novarion. In doing so, the focus is on partnership-based consulting and the solution competence of the employees, even in the most complex cases.

“Novarion IT Service GmbH has made an excellent name for itself in the field of server and storage systems in recent years. We are pleased to be able to contribute our expertise even more to the market and to our customers as a new Microsoft OEM partner,” explains Georg Gesek, Managing Director of Novarion IT Service GmbH.

Strong local partner economy

Microsoft secures employment, innovation and economic dynamism in Austria as a business location through its strong cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises. Together with its more than 5,000 partner companies in Austria, Microsoft implements innovative solutions and supports companies in staying on course for success with dynamic IT. A study by IDC shows that the Microsoft partner economy accounts for more than one third of all IT jobs in Austria (65,000) and 41 percent of IT tax revenue. For every euro of earnings generated by Microsoft Austria, an average of 8.39 euros of revenue is generated by the more than 5,000 Austrian partners. In addition, Microsoft products and services form the economic basis for national and international success in many companies. Microsoft Austria thus triggers a domino effect. A multiple of the value added is achieved by the partner companies throughout Austria. In total, the value added by Microsoft and its partners in Austria amounts to around 2 billion euros.