Amidst the timeless echoes of classical music in Vienna, an extraordinary partnership has blossomed, merging the realms of classical music and cutting-edge technology. Vienna Symphonic Library, a renowned name synonymous with musical excellence, has joined forces with Novarion Systems, a trailblazer in cutting-edge computer technology and data solutions.


Harmonious Collaboration

This year marks a significant milestone for Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) and Novarion Systems as they celebrate two years of a transformative collaboration. Their journey has illuminated the remarkable synergy between technology and artistic brilliance, all within the prestigious Synchron Stage Vienna.


Unveiling Synchron Stage Vienna

Nestled in the heart of Vienna on Rosenhügel, the revered Synchron Stage stands as a historic recording haven operated by the Vienna Symphonic Library. Armed with state-of-the-art recording technology and impeccable acoustics, it caters to a diverse array of ensembles and music genres, from chamber music to symphonic masterpieces. The studio’s credentials include collaborations with luminaries like Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions, Disney+, Amazon Video, Netflix, BBC, and Tencent.

Through their partnership, VSL and Novarion Systems have exceeded international standards in recording and editing processes, as well as in the associated data management. In recent years, this historic studio has evolved into an inspirational hub for global composers and production entities. Notably, it has undertaken prestigious projects for blockbuster productions such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, and Scream VI, among other notable works.


Manfred Rojnik, IT specialist at VSL, praises Novarion´s state-of-the-art hardware for elevating the music processing precision and setting a new benchmark in the entertainment industry. “This partnership empowers us to redefine editing processes and deliver excellent quality to our esteemed clientele“, he noted.


 High-Tech Powering Hollywood’s Projects

Novarion Systems‘ CEO & Founder, Georg Gesek, enthuses, “This collaboration has orchestrated a symphony of technology and creativity, fusing the musical world with cutting-edge hardware. We are privileged to play a pivotal role in bringing Hollywood’s magic to life.”

The studio’s historic legacy, combined with cutting-edge technology, has garnered international acclaim, with Synchron Stage Vienna becoming the go-to destination for top-tier film and music production. The glow of this collaboration has been evident in the success of numerous projects that have received accolades and recognition from prestigious award ceremonies, including the Oscar-winning film Promising Young Woman (2020) and Academy Award-nominated productions like Ad Astra  (2019), Klaus (2019), and Over the Moon (2020).


The Crescendo of Success

The symphony composed by Vienna Symphonic Library’s musical mastery and Novarion Systems’ technological prowess enables Synchron Stage Vienna to be among the top studios on the international stage. This collaboration is another example of the synergy between classical music tradition and technological innovation, continuing the heritage of this city as a cultural melting pot and a high-tech hub in the modern era.



About Vienna Symphonic Library:

VSL is a leading developer of sample libraries and music production software for orchestral music. The software serves as an interface for composers to play back the real recorded instruments on a MIDI keyboard. To date, approximately 6 million samples of orchestral instruments as well as individual singing voices and choirs with a data volume of over one terabyte have been digitized and published.

With a vast collection of genuinely recorded instruments and innovative software interfaces, the company’s products are used by composers and musicians worldwide for film music, pop music, and feature an extensive collection of real instruments and innovative software interfaces. Vienna Symphonic Library operates the Scoring Stage at Synchron Stage Vienna.

 History of the Synchron Stage

From its construction in the early 1940s to the 1950s, the hall shared its history with the Rosenhügel Film Studios. The building is protected as a historical monument due to the presence of the “Lenkwil” cinema organ. Renowned conductors like Karl Böhm, Herbert von Karajan, and Yehudi Menuhin used the Synchron Stage for numerous legendary recordings.

Since its renovation and reopening in 2015, Synchron Stage Vienna has become one of the world’s best recording studios. Stage A, the large recording hall, accommodates a 130-member orchestra and boasts exceptional acoustic properties, making it ideal for creating immersive audio formats. “Control A” serves as the majestic control room of this impressive studio complex. With 115 m² of space, it provides ample room for employees from all departments and listeners alike. The massive SSL Duality Console allows up to 96 channels to be recorded simultaneously.


About Novarion Systems:

Novarion Systems is a pioneering provider of innovative computer systems for industry, public organizations, and research institutions. With a focus on delivering powerful and cost-efficient data center solutions, the company has garnered a reputation for technological excellence and forward-thinking approaches. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, Novarion Systems operates subsidiaries across Europe and the USA.



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