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Quantum Commercialisation Week

25. October 2021 @ 8:00 am - 29. October 2021 @ 5:00 pm UTC+0

Get involved in techUK’s Quantum Commercialisation Week!


Call for insights: On 25-29 October techUK will be hosting its Quantum Commercialisation Week. We are looking for companies to share their insight and expertise from building a quantum-ready economy to nurturing skills and talent. Learn about how to get involved below!

We are looking for member companies to submit 600 word insights for techUK’s Quantum Commercialisation Week, covering one of the themes below. Please do reach out directly to get involved

During this week we will be bringing you news, views and insights from the technology sector on what Quantum Commercialisation will mean to the UK’s society and economy. We will be identifying, exploring and debating how organizations can build prepare for quantum readiness; reviewing the role of the technology sector in driving this forward, and discussing the larger implications on skills, jobs, security, economy and society that Quantum will bring.

Whether you are interested in contributing your industry expertise or want to discover more about the opportunities of Quantum Commercialisation, learn more about techUK’s campaign below!

Monday: Building the foundations: A vision for the UK’s Quantum Economy

Day one of techUK’s Quantum Commercialisation week will define and clarify what the role of Quantum products, services and technologies will be in developing the UK’s economy. We will start with getting the foundations right: What is quantum readiness; what research and development looks like in the UK, and how do we get commercialisation right for the UK?

Tuesday: Quantum Skills

Lack of skills and talent around Quantum is a considerable barrier to the UK’s Quantum success. Over 30 UK universities have delivered 400 PhDs in Quantum, but the exponential growth in demand of quantum skills as the UK edges closer to commercialisation means that the talent resource is barely covering demand. Day two of techUK’s Quantum Commercialisation Week will explore how Government, industry and academia can  work together to create and nurture quantum talent in the UK

Wednesday: Quantum and Sustainability

As the UK positions itself for commercialisation of Quantum technologies, and we look to how the tech sector can exploit and utilize Quantum, we also need to create an engaged and informed discussion on how Quantum aligns with businesses’ sustainability strategies.

Quantum can potentially support sustainability endeavors, but is not without its own environmental challenges, – and, crucially, a means to attribute carbon from quantum to products and services that use it, must be agreed. This day will share expert insights to clarify and raise awareness on the potential sustainability opportunities and challenges of Quantum Commercialisation.

Thursday: Quantum and Emerging technologies: Developing the relationship with Cloud, AI, HPC and more

This day will explore the huge potential of Quantum computing when deployed alongside other key technologies such as HPC and AI. As well as showcasing exciting use cases, this day will also address how convergence of these technologies can help with access to Quantum, as well as address some of the strategic and ethical challenges of converging these technologies.

Friday: Quantum and Security: Protecting our future

On the final day of techUK’s Quantum Commercialisation Week, techUK members will help define and clarify the key security questions that Quantum technologies will bring. We will explore uses of QKD and quantum cryptography, and envision a secure quantum future.

If you would like to get involved please reach out!


25. October 2021 @ 8:00 am UTC+0
29. October 2021 @ 5:00 pm UTC+0